Ever watch one of those chase scenes in a cartoon where the one in the lead heads over the cliff and lands in a devastating crash at the bottom — only to find whatever he was carrying (adding insult to injury) comes tumbling down on top of him?

Well, that’s us. As we collectively head over this fiscal cliff — we are actually over it right now — we’re not feeling much because we’re free falling (like the cartoon character). Falling is never really that painful (though the rushing wind can chap the lips and mess up one’s hair), but in the end it’s the sudden deceleration at the valley floor that causes the real damage. The only problem here is that if we happen to live through it — the crash — there is an economic avalanche coming down on top of us that will almost certainly finish us off as the freest and richest nation ever known.

Our problems in America are not taxes and revenue; our problems are spending and the immoral class warfare that allows it all to continue without end. The problem is — despite what the left has to say about all the wealth at the top and the disparity between rich and poor – that there isn’t enough money at the top to pay down, let alone pay off anything so enormous as the US national debt.

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