It is NOT me who is telling you this information; it IS the Democratic Political Party. Yes, over these past few weeks we have seen and heard Herman Cain speak about how prejudiced the Democrats are when it comes to the ‘Black Community.’ The Democratic Political Machine have pranced out onto their liberal main-stream media outlets many people-of-color (PoC) to deliver a couple of messages. One message is “black people DO NOT vote Republican and if a black person does vote Republican, then they are ‘an idiot.’” Then later in the week, we heard “black people cannot vote Republican because they are not allowed to vote that way especially in low income areas.” This seems like repression of free will to me; how about you?

How does this make you feel if you are a person of ‘color?’ I know it makes me feel sick to my stomach to know that as an American citizen, every one of us should be allowed to vote any way we want to vote! However, the reality is far different for many of us. Just look at the New Black Panther Organization during the 2008 voting process. They were enforcing the Democrats position “that if you are black, you better not even THINK about voting Republican!” Why do you think they were standing armed outside those voting locations?

I have been stating on the iPatriot Blog for a long while that the Obama Administration is Socialistic. It is evident in the laws they support and enact.  Where they want our country heading is clearly towards Socialism. Part of Socialism is controlling all segments of society in many different ways. They exert control by making people dependent upon the Government for money and by making Government the sole source for everything we need, like healthcare. They also get people who are not ‘politically-minded’ to believe they need the Government making decisions for them. This includes the belief that a “black person cannot vote for Republican” because this is NOT how the Democratic Party wants them to vote. This is SO WRONG!

So, here we are in 2011, at a point in time where we are supposed to be ‘color blind’ but it is the Democratic Political party that is dictating to those PoC who do not pay too much political attention otherwise as to how they are supposed to vote. They bring to low income voting places an Organization known for violence and just dare any PoC to vote against them. They are daring them to just try to go against the Democratic Party.

Another example of how poorly the Democratic Party views PoC, is how the Democratic Party is treating Herman Cain; who is a PoC! Those people whom they have marched out on TV have even said that Mr. Cain is not a “real black man because he does not vote or believe in the Democratic Party” and “Obama is ‘more black’ than Herman Cain!” The problem I have with all of this is the fact that PoC have a mind and brain all of their own. I believe if these people were told both sides of the issues facing America today, without bias, they would be “Pro-American” which is not the direction Barak Obama is moving America.

What is IRONIC is what happened in Washington, DC, over this past weekend. There was the dedication of a memorial for Martin Luther King Jr. for what he stood for. There were lots of PoC celebrating this dedication of Dr. King’s memorial, but they seem to have glossed over one thing . To me, this is the MOST important thing Dr. King said in his famous “I have a Dream” speech  right there where they were dedicating this memorial to him. Dr. King said it was more important to “judge a person by the content of their character than the color of their skin.” AMEN I say to ALL of you!

Today we have the Democratic Political machine deliberately and purposely dictating to PoC who they can vote for and who they cannot vote for. This Democratic machine is not looking at anything except how they can control the black masses; they do not want a PoC to use their God-given minds! In addition, we have the Democratic Political machine deliberately slandering a PoC because he is a vowed Republican and they are daring anyone to use their rights as an American citizen to support Herman Cain. They are calling Mr. Cain names that no man should have to be subjected to. Yes, this man, Herman Cain, is 100% a PoC versus Barak Obama who is only 50%. This should make it evident that Democrats only care about controlling the black vote.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is rolling over in his grave knowing the Democratic Party is keeping the black community under their thumb by not allowing them to vote for someone based on the content of  character. Just because Herman Cain is a PoC, they are judging him wrongly and this goes against EVERYTHING King said in his speech! How sinister are the Democrats because they are doing everything they can to confuse the black community to stay submissive to the Democratic Vote.

It is TIME for people of ALL colors to join us Patriots because of the “content of character” and forget the color of the skin. All our BLOOD runs red for America. It is time to do exactly what Herman Cain said. “It is time to step off the plantation.” It is time to move away from the Democratic Party who keeps you classified as “black” and is “not allowing you to vote for the content of character” or the quality of policies!