Are you tired yet of being played for a sucker? You say you’re fed up with people taking advantage of you, but what are you going to do about it?

Let’s see, the banks really didn’t want to make risky loans (like lending $300,000 to someone working at McDonalds), but Bill Clinton said that everyone had the ‘right’ to own a home and forced the banks to make loans to individuals who could never hope to repay them. So what happened? The banks were stuck for billions of dollars, collapsing the housing market. Since the U.S. Government declared them “Too big to fail”, it bailed them out with taxpayer money, our money. Then what happened? The bankers gave themselves bonuses – with our money! Do a lousy job, run your business into deep financial trouble and get a bonus for your poor performance – wow, it never worked that way in any job I ever had. Where I come from, if you did a lousy job you were told to clean out your desk and hit the road. You did not resign, with benefits, you were fired.

Fanny and Freddy, the mortgage giants, incurred billions of dollars of losses because these high-risk individuals couldn’t repay their loans. Shocking! Don’t worry though, they had powerful friends in Congress. Chris Dodd and Barney Frank arranged another taxpayer bailout. Barney Franks’ “Significant Other” who was in charge of Fannie Mae stashed millions of dollars in his personal bank account while the good old U.S. Taxpayers footed the bill. Again.

Don’t forget the bailouts of General Motors and Chrysler, who were losing money for several reasons, like poor management practices and the fact that they were building substandard cars that nobody wanted. Buyers flocked to buy imports, but not all of these imports arrived in the country on ships, lots of ‘imports’ were being built right here by American workers – non-union American workers who were willing to give a day’s work for a day’s pay. The Unions were a major reason that GM and Chrysler went belly-up. You simply cannot afford to pay lower-educated assembly-line workers $35 to $80 or more per hour, plus benefits, to put bolts in a hole and expect to remain competitive. Remember some of these same workers, out in the parking lot drinking beer and smoking dope before reporting for their shift (or during ‘lunch’), some of which was caught on tape? It’s no wonder your muffler falls off and everything leaks when people who are building the cars are half-buzzed.

Since these companies were also deemed “too big to fail”, the Government stepped in and bailed them out with Billions of taxpayer dollars. Why? Remember Obama saying “I owe the Unions”? Well, he ensured the unions got sweetheart deals in the bailouts, and put the interests of the unions ahead of those of the Bond Holders. The bottom line is that bond holders who invested their hard-earned money were screwed, while those who ran the company into the ground were rewarded, just business as usual in this uber-liberal administration.

How about Obama’s much-touted Solar Energy Companies? They received billions of dollars and some never produced a single solar panel before they declared bankruptcy! All the taxpayer money was gone, CEO’s received exorbitant salaries or bonuses, workers were laid off and the companies went belly-up, in some cases immediately following their bail-out. Remember Obama saying “We need to spread the wealth around”? Must be his way of doing it, but call it what it really is – money laundering. Who was the sucker in these cases? That’s right, the American Taxpayer, again. Obama is once more talking about closing Gitmo. Last week Jay Leno said that if Obama really wanted to close Gitmo, he should just declare it a green-energy company and it would be bankrupt and closed in a week.

More on the breaking IRS Scandals — Americans who were not exactly enthusiastic about Obama and his policies were targeted by the IRS and EPA for audits. Organizations applying for 501-C status with ‘Patriot’ or ‘Tea Party’ in their names had to fill out reams of forms with irrelevant questions, and had their applications delayed for years, to the point that some people gave up trying. The Obama organization of intimidation was behind it all and it spanned two election cycles. But Obama’s non-citizen half-brother, Obongo “Roy” Malik Obama had his application for tax-free status approved in 34 days and the IRS was nice enough to backdate it to 2010. Really!

Obama feigned “outrage” on television, and fired Steven Miller, acting head of the IRS – but he was already leaving that post next month anyway. The next high-ranking IRS official involved in the persecution of Tea Party and similar groups was Lois Lerner, head of the Exempt Organizations Division. She refused to answer questions in a Congressional hearing and refused to resign so she was put on PAID Administrative Leave, meaning PAID VACATION, at the taxpayers’ expense of course. Wow.

Doug Schulman, former IRS Commissioner (2010-2011) made 157 visits to the White House. When questioned in another Congressional hearing, he replied with a smirk, that the only thing he could remember was attending the Easter egg roll. Really?

Why do any of these people get to resign and walk off with sweetheart deals and benefits? They should be handcuffed and perp-walked out the door like the criminals they are. Obama and his minions use their standard deny, delay, deflect, and destroy strategy, but when they get caught they make a big deal feigning outrage while making it appear the guilty individuals were fired. In reality they just got moved to another position, usually to a promotion (for keeping their mouth shut). Mind-boggling, isn’t it? Remember Valerie Jarret said that if you were with them you’d be rewarded. And all of the above is just the tip of the iceberg. Why do we let them get away with this?

To prove that the American taxpayers are not only suckers but also stupid, consider the following: During the last election-cycle Congress had a 9% approval rating, but 96.4% of incumbents were re-elected. You really can’t fix stupid.