Our most benevolent, kind, and gracious Big Brother has more than one way to lead a horse to water and make him drink. In this case, he has ways to get those rebellious old folks to accept Medicare whether they want it or not. Seniors may be able to get better care elsewhere, but that doesn’t matter and it won’t be allowed. It’s Medicare or nothing.

In January of this year, The Supreme Court, refused to hear the case of Hall vs. Sebelious. By this action the Court failed to rescue seniors from potential financial hardship, possibly future physical peril. The bottom line is that Uncle Sam will control all senior health care and, in some cases, decide whether one lives or dies.

When the Supreme Court refuses to hear a case, denies a writ of certiorari, then a previous court’s decision will stand. The legal term is stare decisis that is Latin for “to stand by things decided.” The case is then officially closed. But, this doesn’t mean there are no consequences. There are. In this case, serious consequences are just ahead.

Now that the Supreme Court has chosen not to act, seniors who refuse to take Medicare, or decide to withdraw from Medicare, can have their future Social Security benefits stopped.

For some of our seniors losing their monthly Social Security benefits could prove to be deadly. For many seniors their only income is their Social Security checks. Even now some are forced to make hard monthly economic decisions. Sometimes it comes down to a choice between buying food or medicine?

In the particular case of Hall vs. Sebelious the residual fallout may prove to be a true disaster for millions. The Cato Institute stated two major ramifications of the Supreme Court’s failure to take up this case.

The first consequence will be even more government intrusion and power. The federal government will be able to force senior citizens to participate in Medicare, a program that is not financially sound. Participation is currently mandatory whereas in the past it was voluntary. It was originally created as a voluntary program.

There’s more to consider. Not only can SSA and HHS cancel future benefits for rebellious seniors, they can also force them to pay back all monies received from either or both programs. Wow, let me think about this. OK, yes, I guess I will take Medicare.

The second consequence, if the first wasn’t bad enough, will be a flood of new regulations with unintended consequences. When various federal agencies want to write or change rules it will be much easier for them to bypass Congress with impunity, kind of like Obama does. It seems to work for him.

Older people are in jeopardy. With the government getting more and more control over healthcare with a single payer system in sight, seniors could be denied medical treatments at the whim of government bureaucrats. You have to wonder that if someone was considered a problem politically, or any other way, could they be easily eliminated through the healthcare system?

With the growing presence of hackers in the world, why couldn’t some government agent hack someone’s medical records and prescribe a medication that would take them out? Is this too conspiratorial for you? This possibility was demonstrated in the movie, The Net with Sandra Bullock. It’s a scary thought.

We have become a nation that worships youth although our population is growing older rapidly. Our aging population will cost more and more money to maintain as time progresses. Younger folks may come to resent having to carry the heavy tax load and that load will increase. Currently, 25% of the U.S. population is 55 or older. By 2060 the U.S. population 65 and older will double.

The current mood is already shifting toward one of thinking that seniors have lived their lives so they should make room for the younger generations. Abortion, the cheapening of life, has opened the door for euthanasia. This is the usual pattern of things. Once killing starts in the mother’s womb it becomes much easier to kill those who are older and on the other side of the life cycle. The value of the one succumbs to the needs of the many.

The Bible is clear about the respect and honor the elderly should be afforded. God watches out for them. The Scripture says:

You shall stand up before the gray head and honor the face of an old man, and you shall fear your God: I am the Lord.

Keep in mind that regardless of how old you are, someday, if God allows it, you will be old. So honor those who have already made it.