Yet another report detailing abuse of American taxpayer dollars in Afghanistan has surfaced, with the potential for lost lives as well as wasted money.

Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction John Sopko reported two Afghan contractors defrauding the U.S. military out of 250 culvert denial systems, which would have functioned to prevent IED attacks against American troops.

Some $1 million was doled out to the two contractors to build and assemble the culvert denial devices, large metal devices affixed to roadside drains and waterways to prevent IED’s and other explosive devices from reaching U.S. troops in the war-wracked state. But these two contractors either never built the devices at all or assembled them improperly.

Over $32 million in contracts has been awarded in Afghanistan to date for the IED-defense systems, according to Sopko’s report, but investigators could not determine how many systems were completed. The devices were ordered at 2,500 locations, but a lack of documentation and quality control in contract files prevented Sopko’s investigators from verifying the success of other systems.


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