The aggression shown to the United States by the recently irked Chinese government continues to grow in the weeks since Donald Trump took office.


Chinese leadership is mulling new legislation meant to simultaneously exclude and prod western nations.

Communists leadership in China have been doing their damnedest to belittle and delegitimize the newly inaugurated President of The United States in recent weeks by chastising, scolding, and generally treating Donald Trump like a child.  Now, China is preparing to step up their anti-American sentiment once again.

“China is to revise its 1984 Maritime Traffic Safety Law, which would allow the relevantauthorities to bar some foreign ships from passing through Chinese territorial waters.

“The Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council announced Tuesday it is soliciting publicopinions on the revisions.

“The draft would empower maritime authorities to prevent foreign ships from enteringChinese waters if it is decided that the ships may harm traffic safety and order.

“The draft revisions stipulate that authorities will be able to designate specific areas andtemporarily bar foreign ships from passing through those areas according to their ownassessment of maritime traffic safety.

“The revisions are based on the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea and Chinese laws onthe sea, adjacent areas and exclusive economic zones, the office said.

“Wang Xiaopeng, a maritime border expert at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, toldthe Global Times on Wednesday that the revisions will provide legal support for China tosafeguard its maritime rights.”

China has been using their warped version of “sovereignty” to bully other Asian nations for years, while also intimidating countries such as the United States to take a wide berth when it comes to Chinese affairs.  Donald Trump, however, is not your average President, leading many to believe that a showdown between the two super powers is imminent.

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