“Chiefs Player Shoots Girlfriend Then Kills Self At Arrowhead Team Facility” is the headline on the Huffington Post for this story about the murder of Kasandra Perkins and the suicide of her murderer, Jovan Belcher. Although subtle in Huff’s headline, it was the shooting part of this story instead of the murdering part that was more important to portray given their Progressive/Liberal bias. Notice, after the shooting part, they say “.. Then Kills Self…” instead of: ..Then Shoots Self… Or, why not: Chiefs Player Kills Girlfriend… Or, why not: Chiefs Player Murders Girlfriend Then Commits Suicide… This would have been the most correct way to phrase this headline. However, they carefully phrased the headline to bring attention to gun violence, especially gun violence against women by men, regardless of the fact that Belcher used gun violence against himself too.

Once again, the Progressive/Liberal anti-gunners are “Johnny on the spot” with stomping on our Second Amendment rights using this tragedy (“never let a good tragedy go to waste”) to foster their anti-gun sentiments. Bob Costas wasted no time by editorializing during a football game Sunday evening about gun violence, instead of doing what he was paid for. Gayle Trotter in her Daily Caller (12/5/12) piece, “Jovan Belcher, Bob Costas and theories of causation” says: — http://dailycaller.com/2012/12/05/jovan-belcher-bob-costas-and-theories-of-causation/ — “When Costas took to the airwaves with his commentary, did he blame out-of-wedlock childbirth? Did he blame the demise of marriage? Did he blame cohabitation or domestic violence? Did he blame alcohol? Did he blame illegal drugs? Did he blame NFL culture or the game itself? Indeed not. Costas said, “If Jovan Belcher didn’t possess a gun, he and Kasandra Perkins would both be alive today,” quoting from an editorial.

Hey Bob! Listen up Dodo! Did it ever occur to you that if Perkins also had a gun, both she and Belcher would probably be alive today? Well, at least Perkins might.

Costas and all the rest neglect to discuss the other more important issues at hand such as: brain trauma, domestic violence, and the influence of alcohol and drugs (including possibly those of the performance enhancing variety). The headline in Amanda Marcotte’s, December 4th, Slate.com piece says: — http://www.slate.com/blogs/xx_factor/2012/12/04/jovan_belcher_murder_suicide_don_t_blame_football_brain_trauma_for_the_crime.html — “Don’t Blame Brain Trauma for Jovan Belcher’s Crime.” So, she doesn’t. Although she gives domestic violence a twirl, she instead sides with Katie Halper, a comedic actor (and apparent gun violence expert?) at Feministing.com, that it was the gun’s fault. She also spices up the piece with several bogus gun violence stats, among one or two that are true. Problem is that many of these stats she quoted are several years old and do not take into account the recent significant increase of gun ownership and persons, in the thirty plus “Right to Carry” States whom have obtained permits/licenses to carry a loaded gun – this writer being one. When we take this into account we see violent crime decreasing as the number of guns, gun owners and persons legally carrying a firearm, increasing. In States that have instituted “Right to Carry” there is also a statistically significant decrease in violent crime.

Recently an Internet search took me to the Web site of the UK’s, Daily Mail. If you don’t already know, hand guns are banned in the UK, and all other firearms are heavily regulated by draconian laws. So what do I see on the front page? The headline (paraphrased): Husband Fatally Stabs Wife, and Takes His Own Life. So it is not the murder weapon that commits the murder, it’s the criminal murderer who commits the murder. Actually, the UK has seen an increase in violent assaults using knives. When a person has murder in their heart, they’ll use whatever weapon at hand.

When you read what the anti-gun propaganda of the Progressive/Liberal gun haters write about gun crime, you would think that hand guns come equipped with voices and little hands and feet. I can see and hear it now:

Man: “She makes me so mad I..I..,”

Gun (in a muffled voice): “Go ahead; you know you want to kill her!”

Man: “Yeah that’s what’ll do, I’m gonna fill’her with lead.”

The Gun opens the drawer it’s in, hops out, and does summersaults all the way up to the Man’s hand. It puts the Man’s trigger finger on its trigger.

Gun: “Go find her now!”

The Man finds her in the kitchen. The Gun raises the Man’s arm, takes aim and pulls the trigger, killing the woman.

Man: “I swear, your Honor, that’s exactly what happened. The Gun made me do it