Scrolling through the news this morning, I came across a photo of a frostbitten ear. Obviously, I clicked on it. It was associated with an article about a German woman who had a rare autoimmune condition which caused her to develop what can only be explained as frostbite. The odd thing is, she wasn’t exposed to any severely cold weather. This woman had symptoms associated with frostbite but the cause was something unexpected – her own body.

Similarly, we are witnessing a mysterious sickness infecting our country and everyone’s got a different diagnosis. Old systems are crumbling, new ones are being fought for and fought against, and most everyone is angry about something. We are no longer entirely the beacon of hope. We are no longer entirely the land of the free and the home of the brave. We are a bunch of partially-free disgruntled citizens who are unhappy with our government in one way or another. We’re not even sure who we are anymore. But, one thing is certain – we are sick.

We are a nation with symptoms of decomposing, but we disagree as to the cause. While liberals say our problems stem from the half of the nation that still upholds conservative, Biblical values, the conservatives attribute our country’s disease to the liberal/socialist changes that are permeating Washington and affecting each one of us. Some are attributing our country’s case of “frostbite” to the figurative weather itself – the change in culture and law. While, others are arguing that our problem’s come from within – a system that is “broken and outdated.”

I think its arrogant and ignorant to say that a country or a nation is perfect as it is. If you look back, you can find some ridiculous early laws that were put in place at our founding – laws that definitely needed to be changed. But, unfortunately, the liberal side of the debate thinks that we need to change our very morals – our very DNA – in order to accommodate a new culture – an amoral society that believes all that matters is that we can all do whatever we want and set our own morals.

We are no longer fighting for freedom. Rather, we are busy arguing about what freedom actually is. Is it the ability to choose what you do and what you believe with limited government interference? Is it financial “freedom” that comes from having a government that meets all your material needs, “freeing” you up to do whatever it is you want? Is it “freedom” to fight that everyone can legally do whatever they want? The left and the right have very different definitions of what freedom is.

Liberals don’t want to hear the phrase “founding fathers” anymore. They’re sick of it. They’re sick of conservatism. They’re sick of old people and old values. My uncle Jimmy said “Every generation thinks that what’s old is outdated. But, some things are timeless – like the Bible. It is up to us to revive it…to breathe life into it by relearning it.”

I read the opinion of a conservative teenager this week who said he thought that informing and educating and fighting for conservatism was a lost cause. He expressed that nothing we do will make a difference.

He’s wrong. Our nation was built on the idea that “we the people” can make a difference. Our freedoms and our heritage may be on the verge of being riddled by political frostbite, but we’re still America, and we still have a voice. Could you imagine where we’d be already if people like you and I hadn’t stood up and signed petitions and voiced concerns over our President’s attempt at unconstitutional executive orders on gun control? Without activists informing and breeding new activists, we may may as well throw in the towel. Our country is like a sick patient who still has hope to recover, but needs to keep fighting.

Our opposition may disagree with why we are facing the social and economic problems we’re in, but the absolute worst thing we can do is give up and let them take over as the nation’s new primary care physicians. We’ve got to fight to bring the life-giving blood flow of freedom back into our veins. Don’t hang up your stethoscopes. Even if we get kicked off the case, at least we’ll get kicked off fighting.