The special prosecutor investigating the shooting death of Trayvon Martin has chargedthe shooter, George Zimmerman (left), with second-degree murder, according to news reports.

Zimmerman, who went into hiding with his family after members of the New Black Panther Party (NBPP) put a bounty on his head, turned himself in after Angela Coreyannounced the charge.

The question is whether she can convict Zimmerman given that he appears to have a credible claim of self defense. Zimmerman says Trayvon, a 6-foot-3-inch tall football player, was trying to kill him when he, Zimmerman, shot the 17-year-old dead on Feb. 26

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Zimmerman surrendered to authorities about two hours after Corey announced the charges. In Florida, the Sentinel noted, second-degree murder is a first-degree felony that can end with a term of life in prison.

The New York Times noted that the minimum sentence Zimmerman would receive, if convicted, is 25 years.