As I have done in other similar matters, I don’t care to get into details. I am not going to use this space for that. I don’t know who did what to who and when it was done, and neither does almost anyone that is espousing virulent opinions all over television and social media. There was a tragedy. A stupid, highly avoidable tragedy if either one of the two parties would have acted like men. That is the extent of what I know about the Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case. The aftermath is something else entirely.

First our President had to insert himself, thus escalating a local, one on one crime, to worldwide proportions. (Authors note: He chose not to insert himself, or even take notice of, the brutal murder of baby Antonio Santiago who at 13 months was shot in the head by would be robbers as his helpless mother watched. Likewise, he chose not to take notice of the death of American War Hero, Chris Kyle). Likewise, former Black Student’s Organization armed protestor Eric Holder (Attorney General) did not personally and officially involve himself in any of the 143 murders that have taken place in the city of Chicago, the hometown of the President and the town ran by their mutual friend Rahm Emmanuel. By holding press conferences and becoming involved in this incident, these two partisan politicians escalated the race aspect to the boiling point. Of course that was their goal all along.

Then came the media, riding in on their self-appointed white horse as usual. The dereliction and even subversion tactics that we saw from the media in this case is becoming an everyday practice in a whole host of media incidents. Far from being extraordinary, this is the new normal of media behavior, with NBC blatantly splicing the 911 tape of Zimmerman and other “impartial” media types throwing out the “f” bomb to highlight their disdain for the jury’s verdict. And speaking of the media, they were obsessed with this case over the past week, the war for ratings never letting up through this morning. Dereliction of Executive Branch duty in Benghazi? Who cares? The ceding of our national sovereignty at the behest of the “gang of 8”? A non-issue. Egypt in flames?  Just another round of freedom fighters that the media will liken to our own founders though the two have absolutely nothing in common.  According to our illustrious media, none of these compare in import to the story of two individuals who couldn’t settle an argument without violence. Why you ask? Because the President of the United States wanted it to be so. And he still does.

Meanwhile, a true unifier spoke to the United Nations with barely 1/1000 of the media coverage that Zimmerman and Martin solicited. On her sixteenth birthday Malala Yousafzai bravely stood before the U.N. and spoke eloquently and inspirationally about her refusal to back down to the Taliban even after being shot in the head by them. If you haven’t seen the video, I linked to a few highlights on my blog. Or you can find the entire speech on Youtube. I recommend watching the entire speech. But how many of you know what she said or what fundamental truths and freedoms she represented? Most of the world didn’t know that much about her speech because the media didn’t want them to know.  They would much rather sew discord and anarchy than to have people rally and unify behind a courageous young woman who was willing to risk everything for freedom. Malala’s narrative conflicts too strongly with the worldview of our President, of most celebrities, and most of the media.

Lastly, how many times are we as a culture going to do this dance? How many times are we going to get played by the media before we realize that we must question everything we are being told. How long before the larger culture (not just the subset of conservatives) wakes up and realizes that the media is not just incompetent, not just motivated by ratings, but are in fact sinister in their intent? They don’t want riots and anarchy because they want ratings. They want these things because they detest the average American. We have got to wake up and boycott the NBC’s of the world. We have got to stop ignoring the critically important and allowing ourselves to get swept up into a national conversation of the inane (such as was Zimmerman on top or Martin on top or if the word is Cracker or cracka {the “a” ending apparently rendering the term non-racist…who knew}) while the Republic is systematically being dismantled.