Recently, I have had to reevaluate my stance on zombies, or I should say “develop” a stance, since I really didn’t have one before.  My personal encounters that have produced this awakening, have generated an enveloping fear I cannot escape.  I find myself utilizing an ever-heightening situational awareness, everywhere I go.  Why aren’t more people talking about this?

Granted, as I did, many grew up in a time when zombies weren’t even a common entertainment feature.  Until recently, I really had never given zombies much thought.  Sure, the popular movies like, “Night of the living Dead” or “Invasion of the body snatchers” had a great deal of success, but not the cultural prevalence that we see today.  My only exposure to the cultural fascination with zombies was walking past my son at his computer, beads of sweat forming on his brow, as he endeavored to save the world from some zombie apocalypse.  But now…

I know, many of you are thinking, “Jack has finally lost it.”  Of course some familiar with my work are now thinking, “What is this ‘finally,’ he ‘lost it’ a long time ago” or maybe you’re just thinking, “Oh, great another ludicrous ‘conspiracy theory.’”

“Conspiracy theory” is a term that represents one of the most successful PSYOPs in the history of the world.  Please bear with me while I digress for a moment.  Before the 1960’s, the term “conspiracy theory” did not have the automatic negative conjecture, which has been covertly cultivated over the years.  It was more a literal interpretation of the combined meanings of the words.

Conspiracy:  The act of secretly joining together in agreement to do unlawful or wrongful act or an act, which becomes unlawful as a result of the secret agreement.

Theory:  The analysis of a set of facts in their relation to one another.

So lets say in 1950 a father comes home and finds his house completely in shambles, mud everywhere.  There before him stands his three sons and the pet dog covered in mud, just past them he sees a lake growing in the backyard being fed by the garden hose.

It could be correctly said that he developed a “conspiracy theory” upon hearing the official report echoed by all three boys.  Their report contended that the disaster was the result of their pursuit of two Martians, that foiled their capture with mud guns and the “big one” just kept saying, “Stick to the plan.”  All three boys expressed a genuine conviction that the Martians “were up to no good.”

The term “conspiracy theory” would be acceptable with the father’s theory as well as the boy’s explanation of events.  “Conspiracy theory” literally was understood to be the relational analysis of facts concerning an act committed under a confidential agreement.  It did not have a negative correlation with validity.  It did not automatically generate visions of tin foil hats.

In our 1950 scenario applying the term “conspiracy theory” to either, the father or the boy’s would not automatically apply negative preconceptions.  Both theories would be looked at in relationship to the facts; the theory that closest aligned with the facts would naturally be the judicious man’s choice.  The use of the term “conspiracy theory” in and of itself would not preclude the need to examine the facts.

In reality, we are all conspiracy theorist on almost a daily basis.  If you hear of a bank robbery on the news with four suspects, and you think it was something other than a chance meeting of like-minded individuals, you’re a conspiracy theorist.

The official report offered by the government is as much a conspiracy theory as any alternate theory.  Only through an honest objective examination of all the facts can the validity of one theory be determined over another.

Orchestrated crescendos of propaganda through media, schools and employment have resulted in what can only be viewed as an unprecedented PSYOPs success.  The proclivity to manufacture the most outrageous conspiracy theories to bolster the change in perception has been incorporated from the start.

We now have at least two, maybe three, (depending who you ask) consecutive generation of American’s that have been thoroughly indoctrinated.  This program of indoctrination encompassed almost every aspect of offered information.  History has successfully been rewritten.  Perception is under control.

Recently, I conducted a survey, one that in no way resembled any form of scientific tabulation of data utilizing a diverse sampling base to derive at some quantifiable impression.  No, it was in the form of random casual conversations, strictly in an effort to acquire a gut feeling for public perception.  I did try to keep diversity in the sample group, it was required that conversations achieved a casual nature, and an exchanged laugh was always a preferred prerequisite.

At this point, I would direct the conversation toward the actual state of the union and the world.  It became obvious that among the majority, there was a common reaction to any alternative theories.  Regardless of the event, the government version could not be questioned.  There was a common look that came over the eyes, this rational person you just shared a laugh with, was suddenly changed, it is like they were no longer in control of themselves, their countenance was more akin to a mindless zombie.

On the occasions when opportunity permitted sufficient time, presenting undisputable evidence of wrongdoing, commonly resulted in their bodies showing outward signs of distress.  They were in pain, usually rocking gently, shaking their head and repeating no…no…  Zombie breakdown.  Caution must be exerted at all times, zombies can be returned to the living but it is very dangerous.

My enveloping fear is the result of the realization that zombies are everywhere; the majority has successfully been infected.  They are not in control of their senses; their fight for the control of their mind was lost.  Any audible form of reasoning they offer is regurgitated propaganda that has no basis in fact.

These zombies represent a significant danger to the future of our nation.  I never thought I would say this, but the destruction of our beloved republic may ultimately be the result of zombies.

Zombies can easily be detected, just talk to them.  Be compassionate, take it easy on them it’s really not their fault; it’s the infection.  Remember political party is not an indication of a zombie or of potential infection.  None are immune.

Some of you by now have figured out that there really was no digression concerning “conspiracy theory,” just a subtle attempt at awakening you to the reality of infectious zombie training.  You should test yourself for possible infection.

Think back, at the end of paragraph three, the very first time the term “conspiracy theory” was used.  What were the first thoughts that crossed your mind?  Were they negative?  Did some theory of an event, which you think is totally ridiculous, come to mind?  Or maybe, a thought along the lines of; “I really don’t want to hear this.”  If something of this nature occurred, you have been infected!

Seek treatment immediately; massive digestion of the truth is the only cure.  This is also the daily prescription even for those the tested clean to prevent possible future infection.  Caution: Some zombie’s will not except the truth, I am afraid that their unwavering commitment to the deceptions brings a new meaning to the phrase, “the walking dead.”